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A fast, efficient and cost effective alternative to bright strand annealing process

Autumn 2013

The strand annealing furnace has for decades played the dominant role in annealing of wires, ropes and tubes made of stainless steel and nickel alloys. It is difficult to imagine a viable alternative to the king of continuous annealing. Yet, with increasing cost of energy, purging gases, labour, and ever more demanding environmental and quality standards it is time to consider plasma annealing in a new light.

PlasmaANNEALER has already found its place in many high-end applications such a high quality medical wires, ropes and strands, medical and aerospace tubes, as well as electronics and jewelry applications, where clean, scratch-free and pile-free surface is required. With a new, third-generation design Plasmait brought to the market a set of cheaper and high-output PlasmaANNEALERs that are aimed at mainstream stainless steel and nickel alloy applications that challenge the dominance of the traditional strand annealing furnace. The new PlasmaANNEALER surpasses the traditional furnace in operational efficiency and finished product quality, whilst offering lower total cost of ownership

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Plasma Annealing of Thin-Wall and Small Diameter Tubes:

An Efficient, High-Speed Alternative to Traditional Radiance Annealing

Autumn 2012

The paper outlines plasma annealing of thin-wall and small diameter tubing. The principles of plasma heat and surface treatment are explained as ion bombardment on material surface. The workings and functionality of the plasma annealer and its components are outlined. The focus is given to small diameter and thin wall tubing with demanding surface and mechanical requirements in the medical, aerospace, automotive and instrumentation tubing sectors.…
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Production of PV Ribbon – Presentation @ Solarcon China 2012

Spring 2012

PlasmaPREPLATE Tinning is the production process of choice of many leading PV ribbon producers world wide. There are two main reasons for its widespread adoption. (a) The PlasmaPREPLATE is a chemical-free process that requires no acid or flux for effective tinning and (b) plasma based process allows for production of super-soft ribbons at the speed of up to 150 m/min. The technical presentation outlines the plasma based process and compares it with with the traditional flux-based tinning process. The key specifications of the PV ribbon product quality are examined…
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PlasmaPREPLATE: An Environmentally-Friendly Surface and Heat Treatment for Wire, Tube and Strip Plating

Spring 2008

PlasmaPREPLATE process is a continuous heat and surface treatment used for annealing and surface preparation prior to plating or surface coating. The process is commonly used prior to electro or hot-dip plating on a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Applications such as tinning of capillary tube, extrusion and PV ribbon production are examined…
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Graphite (De)Lubrication Made Easy – Thanks to Plasma

Winter 2006

Graphite is used as a lubricant for hot drawing processes. Once applied, Graphite is hard to remove effectively from the wire surface. Up until now, Graphite could only be removed completely with an aggressive electro-polishing process that results in considerable waste of base material. PlasmaGRAPH process was developed to anneal and remove Graphite from Molybdenum wire…
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