Plasma Heat and Surface Treatment Trial Facility for Welding Wire

Plasmait GmbH, a supplier of plasma heat and surface treatment lines for wire, tube and strip production, has opened a dedicated test facility for continuous annealing and degreasing of welding wires. Welding manufacturers are welcome to test plasma heat and surface treatment on their materials at Plasmait’s facility in Lebring, Austria.The welding wire facility has been designed to perform heat treatment, degreasing and deoxidation on the wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials with diameters between 0.8mm to 3.5mm. The annealing and degreasing trials can be performed on copper, copper alloys, aluminum, various stainless steels and nickel alloys and other materials. Flux cored wires can also be tested.

According to Plasmait’s R&D Director, Peter Ziger, the welding wire trial facility is now available to all welding wire manufacturers who require improving the quality of their welding wire products. Applications with demanding surface or challenging annealing requirements will benefit most from plasma treatment. Such applications are usually found in sectors such as medical, precision mechanical, automotive, marine, aerospace and energy sectors.

Other welding wire manufacturers may want to consider plasma annealing to reduce energy use, purging gas consumption or replace chemical surface treatments with dry, chemical-free degreasing, surface cleaning or surface oxide removal.

Manufacturers of coated products may find plasma surface preparation prior to coating or metallic plating also an area of potential interest.

Since the introduction of plasma heat and surface treatment process in the wire industry in 2003 Plasmait continuously improved the process and widened the application scope to include annealing and surface treatment of tubes and flat products. With over 50 deployments of plasma treatment lines worldwide Plasmait established itself as a trusted supplier to the wire and tube industry.

About Plasmait GmbH: Plasmait is a supplier of heat and surface treatment solutions for wire, cable, tube, strip and ribbon industry. Plasmait’s solutions are based on a patented plasma treatment process that offers advances in production efficiency, surface quality, process control and ecology. Plasmait provides heat and surface treatment solutions as individual machines or as turn-key production line deployments.

Igor Rogelj, Plasmait GmbH, UK/International: +44 7810 810 656, Austria: +43 318 252 7450,

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