SolarSoft Project Successfully Completed: Super-Soft PV Ribbon Produced at High Speed with the Help of Plasmait

SolarSoft – an industry consortium SolarSoft has successfully completed the development of a new PV ribbon production process that allows high-speed efficient and chemical-free production of super-soft PV ribbon. With the help of Plasmait and University of Birmingham the consortium achieved the aim set out from the start: to produce a tinned copper ribbons with low yield strength, the type that are required for interconnecting thin crystalline solar cells. The new type of super-soft PV ribbon will considerably reduce the cracking of solar cells during the soldering (stringing) process, which will reduce stringing process downtime and solar panel strap rates. The new ribbon will also contribute towards increased solar panel durability.

The new annealing, tinning and spooling process allowed the new super-soft ribbons to be produced without the use of acid or flux, which makes this high-output production process not only environment-friendly but also low cost.

About SolarSoft : SolarSoft is a EU funded R&D project, set up with an aim to develop a new process for production of supper soft PV ribbon  – the type that will be used to interconnect the new type of thin solar cells.

About Plasmait GmbH: Plasmait is a supplier of heat and surface treatment solutions for wire, cable, tube, strip and ribbon industry. Plasmait’s solutions are based on a patented plasma treatment process that offers advances in production efficiency, surface quality, process control and ecology. Plasmait provides heat and surface treatment solutions as individual machines or as turn-key production line deployments.

Igor Rogelj, Plasmait GmbH, UK/International: +44 7810 810 656, Austria: +43 318 252 7450,


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