Plasma – a Versatile Heat and Surface Treatment Process

Plasma proves itself in a range of continuous applications from mainstream stainless steel annealing to precision alloy wire cleaning and heat treating.

The past two years have been exciting and productive time for the Plasmait team. The company sold a range of plasma machines in the ferrous and non-ferrous markets. Plasma is proving its performance in increasingly wide range of materials, from mainstream copper alloy and aluminium wire to specialist medical tubes and ropes, jewellery strands, aerospace materials, electronics and semiconductor wire and strip.

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Plasma Cleans and Anneals Conductors in-line with Taping

Conductors used for taping lines have traditionally been annealed in bell furnaces. Batch annealing can result in uneven recrystallization and surface quality issues like sticking of flat products. Batch annealing is followed by wet and/or mechanical surface cleaning before the conductor is fed into the taping line.

To address shortcomings of the batch annealing process Plasmait GmbH introduced a new PlasmaANNEALER that was designed to anneal and clean round or rectangular conductors in-line with a conventional taping line.

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SolarSoft Project Successfully Completed: Super-Soft PV Ribbon Produced at High Speed with the Help of Plasmait

SolarSoft – an industry consortium SolarSoft has successfully completed the development of a new PV ribbon production process that allows high-speed efficient and chemical-free production of super-soft PV ribbon. With the help of Plasmait and University of Birmingham the consortium achieved the aim set out from the start: to produce a tinned copper ribbons with low yield strength, the type that are required for interconnecting thin crystalline solar cells. Continue reading